Water literature


Technical reports on water issues :


  1. Greywater Treatment and Reuse for Poverty Reduction in Jordan (Phase II) Project February 2004 to October 2007

  • Studies of IDRC Supported Research on Greywater in Jordan Conducted by INWRDAM (English) (Arabic)

  2. EMPOWERS Partnership

  • Amman Seven Principles and Policy Recommendations for Improved Local Water Governance (English) (Arabic)
  • The EMPOWERS Approach to Water Governance: Background and Key Concepts (English) (Arabic)
  • The EMPOWERS was a project to improve long-term access and rights to water for underprivileged populations in local communities Approach to Water Governance At a glance (English) (Arabic)
  • Doing Things Differently, Stories about Local Water Governance in Egypt, Jordan and Palestine (English) (Arabic)
  • The EMPOWERS Approach to Water Governance. Guidelines, Methods and Tools (English) (Arabic)
  • The Inside Story Process Documentation Experiences from EMPOWERS (English)

b. Partners organization

  3. Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA)