Blue Peace ME

About Blue Peace Middle East

Blue Peace Middle East is a non-governmental initiative dedicated to promoting cooperation and peace through sustainable water management in the Middle East.

Established in 2010, the Blue Peace ME initiative is committed to its mission of transforming water from a potential source of conflict into an instrument of cooperation and peace through dialogue, capacity building, and concrete actions.

This unique initiative is led by a regionally owned mechanism, which is comprised of members from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Türkiye, and Syria, to a certain extent. The Blue Peace ME Regional Mechanism (RM) contributes to peace by stimulating political and technical dialogues about water and supporting concrete regional projects, know-how transfer, knowledge exchange, and capacity-building activities in its member countries.


The Coordination Office

The Blue Peace Middle East initiative’s Coordination Office (CO) is responsible for providing logistical, organizational, and communication support to help the Blue Peace Middle East RM achieve its objectives. The CO is responsible for the overall coordination of Blue Peace ME activities, smooth communication within the RM and with support institutions and other Blue Peace ME partners. Its duties include providing secretarial support to the MC and PAC, coordinating thematic activities, managing subcontractors, and implementing a coherent outreach strategy for Blue Peace ME. The CO also provides technical and logistical support for Blue Peace ME events and liaises with support institutions on progress of thematic activities, financial matters, and administrative issues. Additionally, the CO organizes and hosts MC and PAC meetings and workshops, takes minutes, and provides technical and logistical support as needed. The CO is currently hosted at the offices of INWRDAM in Amman, Jordan.