The EMPOWERS Partnership ambition is to improve long-term access and rights to water by vulnerable populations. It is doing this through a participatory water planning & management process with all stakeholders. By stakeholder dialogue and concerted action it will enhance vertical and horizontal linkages, information flows, empowerment and decision making at all levels, including local communities. The result will be integrated water resource development & management at the community and district level.

The main objective of EMPOWERS Regional Information Programme (RIP) can be summarized as follows:

Through strong EuroMed partnerships, strengthen regional linkages and networking and mutual exchange of knowledge and capacity building in sustainable management of water resources

To achieve this objective INWRDAM will take up a number of regional activities identified for EMPOWERS:

  • Maintain a project website for: information exchange on local IWRM; consolidation of EMPOWERS process documentation and other outputs; networking; building a data-base on service providers, clients, institutions, projects, etc in the MEDA region; collect grey literature on public participation in local water management in the Arab/MENA region.
  • Regional Cross-Visits – a sub-programme of RIP- to facilitate visits from organizations in the Arab world to EMPOWERS Country Programmes for the exchange of the EMPOWERS experiences with the wider public.
  • Strengthen and build strategic alignments/alliances with other water networks and institutions working in the MEDA region

Empowers Partnership is composed of three Country Programmes and an overall Regional Programme. The Country Programmes are implemented in Egypt, Jordan and Palestine by Country Partnerships, composed of different partners. An important part of these regional activities are supported by the Regional Information Programme (RIP). At the same time the RIP will support the three Country Programmes.