The Way Forward

The inherited tradition of the Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management (INWRDAM) is profoundly based on inter cooperation among of the OIC Member Countries. Present INWRDAM membership is at 20 members out of 57 total OIC member countries. This indicates that twenty eight per cent of the total OIC membership has responded positively. The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has provided much needed funds for such a noble cause.

First and for most, finance is the key issue, though in recent years much of the previously available international financial sources are now focusing more on major themes and issues such as climate change and renewable energy. It is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed by the OIC Secretariat General vis-a-vis and the OIC Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation COMSECH, however, OIC member countries should not lose sight of planning and developing an appropriate base for science and technology for water management.

Another form of interest is the local priorities of each member of the network, pending on the willingness of the members, INWRDAM is willing to conduct a survey to receive your priorities and elaborate on them in a one to one base or collectively. This could be a productive process in terms of keeping tabs on regional topics and issues, making a future agenda for cooperation.

In many aspects as mentioned above, cooperation requires motivation, planning and commitment. The process is a lengthy one; INWRDAM has the will and ability to start the ball rolling, we cannot guarantee results but are ready to give it a go.